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Manhasset's Top Pressure Washing Company

Are you looking for a professional pressure washing company for your Manhasset home? The experts of Manhasset pressure washing at Slate Roof Cleaners offer premier services throughout the area so you can feel confident you're getting a great clean for your properties.

Pressure washing is a great way to ensure your outdoor surfaces are kept cleaned and maintained throughout the year. Hiring a professional pressure washing company will ensure you're getting the best cleaning options available for all your unique outdoor surfaces. Our pressure washing company individually assesses each cleaning project we work on so we can help choose the best cleaners and water pressure for your unique property. This is important to ensure you're getting the best clean for your surface, whether you're looking for a roof cleaning or a paver cleaning.

To learn more about our premier pressure washing company, call the Manhasset experts at Slate Roof Cleaners at 631-433-2703 and set up an appointment today.

Roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Experts recommend working with a professional pressure washing company for your roof cleaning at least once a year or as soon as you start to notice streaking or dirt on your roof. Premier roof cleaning is a great way to ensure the roof of your home is cleaned and protected throughout the year.

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Roof wash

Slate Roof Cleaning

The build-up of moss and debris on a slate roof makes the slate shingles easy to cleave. Without a routine slate roof cleaning, your roof could end up splitting during the colder months, leading to damages on your roof and your home's ceilings.

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Sidewalk wash

Pressure Washing Service

Are you looking for professional pressure washing services for your outdoor surfaces? Our experts offer premier pressure washing so you know you're getting a great clean no matter what cleaning project you have in mind.

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House wash

House Washing

A house washing is a great way to protect your home from environmental damages that can come with insect activity, damaging weather, and natural debris. Our house washing project ensures the exterior of your home is cleaned and sanitized so you don't have to worry about having to invest in costly repairs for your home.

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Gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Many Manhasset homeowners out there tend to underestimate the important role their gutters play in the overall safety of their home, and if you’re one of the many homeowners out there whose gutters are stuffed full of debris, you could be setting yourself up for trouble. Regular gutter cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home...

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Paver wash

Paver Cleaning

Paver cleaning is a great way to ensure your brick, stone, or concrete pavers are protected from damages throughout the year. We assess what your paver surface is made up of before choosing only the best cleaning options that will leave your surfaces clean and clear.

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Patio wash

Patio Washing

Patio washing is an important part of your routine surface cleaning project. As the change in seasons hits us, it's important to clean away the natural debris that builds up on your outdoor surfaces so you can feel confident your patio won't trap water or dirt throughout the colder months.

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Fence wash

Deck & Fence Washing

Your deck and fence need cleaning just like all your other outdoor surfaces, which is why our pressure washing experts offer premier cleaning options for both outdoor surfaces. The high-powered water spray used in pressure washing is uniquely suited for larger outdoor surfaces like your deck and fence because it blasts away dirt and grime quickly, leaving your surfaces thoroughly washed in only a fraction of the time.

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Graffiti removal

Graffiti Removal

If you've noticed graffiti on any of your buildings, it's time to call in a professional graffiti removal expert. Our pressure washing pros will blast away graffiti stains before the paint and chemicals have time to set into your surfaces so you can be sure you're getting a great clean.

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Oxidation removal

Oxidation Removal

Oxidation removal should be done by a professional service to ensure you aren't removing a protective oxide layer in any of your outdoor metal surfaces. Our experts know oxidation removal can be a difficult job, which is why we're trained to use the safest, most effective cleaning options.

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Driveway washing

Driveway Washing

Keeping your driveway in great shape can seem like an impossible task when you remember your outdoor surfaces are exposed to the elements year-round. However, driveway washing is a great way to blast away dangerous contaminants that work their way into the interior of your driveway with a powerful water spray and biodegradable cleaners.

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