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Removing Rust Stains in Levittown, NY

Rust removal

Rust stains are very common around both commercial and residential properties and can be quite the eye sore and nuisance to remove. Rust stains can show up on any surface like roofs, siding of all types, masonry, fabrics, and even glass.

What causes rust staining?

SHORT ANSWER: The exposure of iron (or an alloy of iron) to oxygen in the presence of moisture leads to the formation of rust.

So basically any iron out in the elements will start to rust. Most iron objects like patio furniture, flashing, old antennas, piping and conduits can and often does lead to the rust dripping onto a finished surface where it becomes an unwanted blemish. A lot of patio furniture which is made of metal causes little rust stains at the bottoms of legs. Old chimneys with galvanized flashing will cause rust stains on the roof of your home. The galvanized coating is supposed to keep the material protected from the elements but after many decades the coating wears away and the metal underneath rusts. Eventually this leaches out of the Chimney and makes its way on to your roof and siding. These rust stains can get very dark and quite large.

In some areas of the country the water supply has high amounts of iron. Inground sprinklers that spray onto adjacent surfaces like fencing, sidewalks and siding can also cause rust stains.

THE GOOD NEWS- most rust stains can be removed or at the least "lightened". Pressure washing WON'T do it. A chemical application is needed along with some safety gear to break down the iron particles and reverse the corrosion.

Looking at the attached photos you can see examples of rust stains around properties and some before and afters of rust removal projects around the Levittown NY area.


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